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William Shatner: Kirk Crane and Beyond

William Shatner (Captain Kirk - Star Trek, Denny Crane - Boston Legal, and many more!) talked his way through a series of concerts in Brisbane. Sydney and Melbourne this month. The event was conducted interview style, including a number of video clips and a live performance by Bill of a "song' specifically created for the Aussie tour. We got to hear a lot more about his life and work including personal details about the events leading up to his previous wife tragic death, and how he met his current wife Elizabeth tat I hadn't heard before. And of course there was a lot about Trek, Denny Crane, his new musical career and more!

The event went for nearly 3 hours, including a short intermission. This didn't include the 1+ hour "meet and greet" VIP session before the event.

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The "Meet and Greet" VIP Sesion

The VIP Session was restricted to about 100 people (the first two rows of the auditorium). It was a basic drink, nibbles affiar, with Bill arriving and getting down to a more personal Q&A, which included his Wife Elizabeth doing a lot of the talking (about Bill of course!!). This was quite interactive as you'd expect, and Bill also did a series of group shots with the participants at the end.

Unfortunately my camera could capture the full field of people in each group (the organiser took his own photos and didn't really get out of the way for anyone else to line up a good shot). As such I apologise if you were there, but aren't in these photos.

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William Shatner in Concert!

Those of use accustimed to fan events were right at home here - it was a classic guest panel, that just happened go for nearly 3 hours! It included videos, questions from the audience (I got to ask one for once!!), questions from twitter and more.

We covered most aspects of Bill's career, from his early days at home, to trek, raising a family as a divorced dad, issues with his marriages… He talked a lot about his time on Boston legal, and the fun he and everyone else had on the show. This was emphasised by he and the MC raising a glass of scotch and cigars (though the latter could't be lit because of smoking reg's…sigh).

No one knows anything about the organisation that put on the tour (their website isn't up), and while its great to see such a show, it was disappointing that they made no effort to involve the local clubs…etc, who would have turned out in force, in costume…etc if asked. In any case, it was great to see a lot of *Unfamiliar* faces - as it shows there are a LOT of fans out there who might come to events if they knew of them…