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ete's Fan hotos!

Aussie Discussion and Fan Forums

As far as sci-fi forums go I'm more of a lurker myself, but I do poke my nose in occasionally. The following are places I follow to some degree, or are just good sites to read for sci-fi/film/TV updates…

Chaotic Geek Forums Lyn and Chris run a forum which is a useful starting point for discussion of all things geek in Australia. For those of you in Melbourne, they also run semi-regular exclusive showings of new release films - worth keeping an eye on he site for that alone!

Overseas Discussion and Fan Forums of Interest to Aussie Fans

This list contains overseas sites where I personally think they are the first and last word for a particular genre, or where I've found a lot of Aussies hang out.

Weta Workshops in New Zealand is made up entirely of some serious talented and very cool people. If you want to keep up with the latest stuff they have their hands in then these forums are a must…

Formerly Asci-Fi, now the Chronicles Network. This is a huge forum site covering most genres, from fan, film, book and TV pespectives.

SG-1 Archive Forums. The SG-1 Archive site has been around almost as long as Stargate itself.

GateWorld is a comprehensive Stargate site - and is basically your first stop for any information about what is shooting, where, who, how, spoilers…etc. They also maintain a fair amount of info on a lot of other TV programs.

KryptonSite is a comprehensive Smallville site - and is THE place to go for any news about Smallville, including spoilers, episode guides…etc. It started out as a Lois and Clark site, and still has a lot of info about that show online.

HeroSite is a comprehensive Heroes site - run by the same people that do Kryptonsite. Quite useful for Heroes fans.

The Leaky Cauldron is one of the better sites to visit for information about the Harry Potter books and movies.

The Narnia Web is a useful site about the Chronicles of Narnia movies.

The One Ring Web was THE site to visit for Lord of the Rings information while the movies were in production. Now that the Hobbit has been given the green light by MGM expect this site to be a lot more active…

IGN FilmForce is a great site for the movie buff who wants to know what new things are coming up… I've also found their movie and DVD reviews to be insightful - and far better than the rubbish I read in the local rags.

Movie List - Movie Trailers is the most comprehensive collection of current and past movie trailers I know of. If its out and publically available they will have a link to it.