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Fun and Recreational Sites

If you have had your sense of humour surgically removed, or if your sarcasm senses have atrophied then do not proceed anywhere near this section. I've provided some of the funnier stories I've come across, and links to humorous sites I recommend.

Warning: This material may be inappropriate for everybody, and is guaranteed to be politically incorrect, or just downright silly. Any problem you have with its posting is entirely your own.

Dork Tower Another regular comic strip that hits the funny bone dead centre.

The Darwin Awards Regular updates on those people who perform the ultimate duty to the human gene pool, by removing themselves from it… in the stupidest ways imaginable (and a few ways most of us would never think of too…).

Killfrog Fall down funny, sick, hilarious… The animations here have to be seen to be believed!! Try visiting its sister sites as well if you discover that you like this sort of thing. (Note: you need ActiveX and Shockwave Flash for this site to work)

Gagpipe This portal gathers together links to the best humour and satirical websites around the world.

Satire Wire This is an excellent satire and parody site for current affairs and issues, despite the fact that no new content has been posted for over a year.

The Official Dilbert Site I shouldn't need to tell you what this is.