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ete's Fan hotos!

Welcome to Pete's Fan Photos

(Updated 22th June 2013)

I attended the Bill Oddie Australia tour - Melbourne show today! Love the Goodies TV show!

This site contains many many photos from events I've attended purely as a fan over the years, holiday shots, and special events with friends. Those of you who have followed this site will notice that I've put back MANY photos from old events that I had to remove previously for space reasons (my new host has a far more generous allowance!)

All images on this site are freely available for your personal use, but please note that I retain copyright. If you want more information please contact me.

If you like this site, you may find my others interesting too. They include: First Contact Photos, Armageddon Photos, and Castle Photography

As you can tell, this site is pretty much a clone of my old layout. A complete overhaul will be done by the end of the year, to refresh the layout, presentation and indexing of all photos, but also to support downloading of hi-res copies of photos.

As usual please email me if I spelt your name wrong, or if you can tell me the names of people in any photos.

To contact me, send an email to: . Or ring anytime in the afternoon or evening on (+61 3) 9736 9568

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 14

A Stargate convention with Chris Judge (Tea'lc), Suanne Braun (Hathor) and Colin Cunningham (Mgr Davis). It was held at the Millenium Hotel in Sydney on February 2 & 3 2002.

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 13

BOBW13 was held on 24th and 25th November 2001 at the Gazebo Hotel in Sydney Australia.

The Guests were:

Eugene Roddenberry (Earth: Final Conflict)
Leni Parker (Earth: Final Conflict)
Anita la Selva (Earth: Final Conflict)
Gigi Edgley (Farscape)

I started to get the hang of using my new camera here, and had a far greater success rate with photos, as you will see.

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 12

This convention, held in Sydney on October 20th & 21st 2001 at the Gazebo Hotel.

The Guests were:

Michael Shanks (Stargate SG1)
Wayne Pygram (Farscape)
plus various other speakers

This was Michael's first real convention (he had made public appearances before this, but not as a featured guest & speaker).

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Lord of the Rings Fan Club - Melbourne Moot

This section is a brief photo record of the Melbourne Ringer's gettogethers (along with anyone else from other states who comes along!)

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Past Conventions, Old Memories…

Because of space limitations I can only keep photos online for a certain time. However some events, guests and holidays are too good to forget! So I'll put mini posters/collages of some of the most memorable photos here. You can order prints of these too if you like - see the prices for "mini posters" in the How to Order section.

I'll also put the most recent material (or that most recently removed from the website) at the TOP of this display each time.